Hubris Quest

A 1.7.10 Modded Minecraft server, including popular mods such as Thaumcraft, Botania, Witchery, Thermal Expansion, Immersive Engineering, Galacticraft, and many more!

Server Rules

No mass destruction of land in public dimensions (Overworld, Nether, etc.)
No crashing the server with the intention of crashing the server, or trying to get the world to rollback.
Give players some space after griefing/trolling them, don't consistently harass the same player.


Download and Install Technic launcher [Download Technic Launcher]
Open Technic launcher and login 
Click "MODPACKS" at the top of the window 
In the search field ("Add Pack or Search") copy and paste the following: 
Click "Install" and wait for Technic launcher to install the modpack 
Once installation has finished, click "Launcher Options" on the top right and go to the "Java Settings" tab.
Change "Memory" to anywhere between 4-8 GB and close the window. 
The modpack has been installed!


Launch the modpack with Technic Launcher (installation instructions above)
Go to "Multiplayer"
Click "Add Server"
Name it however you wish
In the "Server Address" box, enter ""
Click "Done"
Now our server will appear in your server list!

Screenshot Gallery