Pony Living Rules


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General Rules

DO NOT Minge 
DO NOT Propclimb 
DO NOT Propblock 
DO NOT be a dick, we are all here to have fun and play the game 
DO NOT attempt to loophole any rules 
DO NOT Do Violent Thefts (Ex. Player A shoots and kills player B because they are holding a printer) Just try to take it with a gravgun or something don't kill them on sight. 
DO NOT be racist or offensive to other players/staff. 
DO NOT be constantly vulgar in OOC, you will be warned then kicked / banned 
DO NOT block off NPCs, everyone needs to get to them 
DO NOT raid the same person over and over again, pick on someone else every once in a while 
DO NOT raid public bases. Some people just wanna chill, don't ruin their fun if they have no goods in their public base. Radios and Vending Machines are not counted as goods. 
DO NOT warn people for general actions such as walking down the street, looking at them or being near them 
DO NOT bind multiple different adverts to one message, you will be asked to change it. (Ex: raid/mug/heist/bank raid/kidnap)(False/Over is fine) 
DO NOT switch jobs during a raid or other RP interaction 
DO NOT incite other players to break the rules 
DO NOT call staff for a single RDM, go talk to the person who killed you or ask in OOC why they killed you 
DO NOT call staff without a specified reason. Ex: "ADMIN 2 ME PLZ" is not allowed "Hey admin, player x is mass RDMing right now, can you help out?" 
DO NOT call staff for general questions, ask people in OOC or the Discord 
DO NOT call staff constantly. Spamming admin chat will have you kicked/banned 
DO NOT scam Custom Class content (including slots & perms)


NLR exists and please use your best judgment to determine whether or not it is okay to return to a place after death. Most people don't care if you died to a hit at PD and come back. People will care if you died in a raid and come back. If you want to play it safe don't return to your place of death until the time is up, no one likes a sore loser. In this section, there are examples of what is considered NLR and what doesn't usually matter to most people.
And if you did die in a raid/heist, its simply over. You CANNOT come back and continue raiding/defending unless you die to a natural event. 
If your raid is interrupted by a natural event (such as a zombie, being teleported by the admins for a sit) any raid cooldown timers are voided. You may restart your raid immediately.  
No other questions should be asked on a good report. It should 100% conclusive by the original post.
You are 100% allowed to return to a control point after you died in order to reclaim / protect it 
If your base has or is near a capture point, your base is void from the NLR rules

NLR Examples:

Going back to the road you died on to a bounty hunter to see your friends ALLOWED
Going back to the road you died on to a bounty hunter to kill the hitman NOT ALLOWED
Jimmy going back to Jimmy's house after raiders raided it and killed him NOT ALLOWED
Going back to Jimmy's house you were raiding after you died NOT ALLOWED
Going back to finish a heist as a raider after you died NOT ALLOWED

Time Limits

Raiding Cooldown: There is no cooldown but you cannot raid the same person again within 20 minutes
Max Kidnapping Time: 5 minutes  
Max Raiding Raid Time: 10 minutes Max Raiding Time  
Cooldown for raiding the PD: 15 minutes  
Max Mug Amount: $1,000  
NLR Time Limit: Read NLR rules above/Until the raid or heist is over.


RDM: Random Death Match
RDA: Random Arrest 
NITRP: No Intention to RP 
LTAP: Leave to avoid punishment 
FDA: Fading door abuse 
NLA: Non-lethal Abuse 
A (RDM/RDA): Attempted (RDM/RDA) 
R (RDM/RDA): Revenge (RDM/RDA) 
Propblock: Blocking all areas without a way to get in using a lock-pick/keypad-cracker 
Propclimb: Using props to get on places you cannot normally get to 
KOS = Kill On Sight 
AOS = Arrest On Sight 
RDM: John kills Billy because why not (this does not include death matches that involve job rules ex: Brotherhood killing Enclave)
RDA: John arrests Billy because why not (this doesn't include 'random arrests' that deal with RP)
NITRP: John freezes Billy in a prop he made and calls him derogatory terms while doing it. This shows John has no intent on playing on the server.
LTAP: John kills Billy for no reason before he hops off for the night. Once he kills him, he leaves immediately.
FDA: John is getting raided by Billy and instead of using his keypad to open the door the raider is picking, he uses his key-bind to open it quickly and kill him.
Propblock: John is printing money and blocks off his house and printer with 50 bathtubs to make sure no one can get them
Propclimb: John is raiding Billy's house and sees he has an opening at the top of his structure. He builds a stairway using props to get inside the house
NLA: John sees a hobo begging for money and starts spamming his non lethal pistol at him
KOS: John sees a hobo and kills him on sight for being wanted
AOS: John sees a hobo and arrests him on sight for being wanted

Basing Rules

Fading door limit is 3 doors protecting your items. You may only require raiders go through 3 doors to get to your entities/bank vault.
A double fading door counts as two doors, a triple fading door counts as 3 
One way props are allowed 
You cannot have a base that requires special tools/prop climb. It must be raid-able by a single person using a lock-pick and/or keypad-cracker. 
You cannot have a sky-base, rooftops that are not explicitly part of the base (door leading to it) DO count as sky-bases
You cannot have a crouch base that exploits a head or foot glitch (or any other body part, don't loophole please) 
Placing a building sign prevents you from being raided, but you may not have any entities or any form of making money. This is a ban-able offense 
KoS signs are not allowed but you may have Loitering signs. Minimum time for a loiterer to be killed is 5 seconds 
Trespassing makes you KoS. This means if you trespass someone's house while they are "building" you will die. If it is a public base, you must be warned to leave first. 
The owner of the MOST doors in a base is the owner. Not the owner of the front door. 
Your goods must be accessible in some way or form. You cannot just prop block them 
You must have your keypads in plain sight and it must be next to the door 
Your base must have a clear path through. This means no full blackout/super dark bases, invisible bases, or maze bases where the path is not obvious 
Keypads may not have any delay on them opening. EX: Your keypad has a 30-second delay but then opens for 5 seconds. (To avoid confusion and unnecessary sits.) 
You may not use/hide inside no-collided props to avoid being damaged, arrested, raided, etc 
You may not remove a Dupe to bring Entities inside of your base, then replace your Dupe. This is declared FailRP. 
Building/loitering signs must be size 30 or larger, be easily visible, and near the main entrance of the base. 
Do not abuse non-destructible entities when building your base. This means using them for anything other than their intended purpose. 
You may only base in one spot at a time. 
Do not fading door abuse. Fading door abuse is when you explicitly use bound key to toggle the door during any rp situation like kidnapping, being raided, being arrested, etc. 
A public base is a place with open doors such as a restaurant. For your base to be considered a public base, you must place a sign indicating it as a "Public Base." You may not have money-making entities inside/it will be treated as a building sign. If the base does have closed and locked doors and the owners refuse to let you in that room, the base is considered raid-able. 
You cannot build/remove props to your advantage while being raided or in a situation that involves a clash between other players. Ex: Stealing a printer, running to your base, deleting it and then placing the base back when you're inside 
Destroying your entities during a raid on your base to avoid them being stolen is FailRP. 
You cannot take over a large portion of the map and the portion of the map cannot be a hotspot 
You can not block off any unique NPC

Faction Rules

If you are a faction leader you are allowed to ally with any faction that isn't explicitly labeled for your faction to KOS (i.e NCR can ally with brotherhood, but cannot ally with Caesar's Legion)
You are not allowed to ally with a faction who is also declared allies with another faction you are supposed to KOS, if a faction allies with your enemy faction, that faction is also KOS to you until the alliance is broken.  
Raiders, Ghouls, and Mutants can never be allied with, or have allies, these factions are always KOS to all factions but their own

How to be a Good Player

A section dedicated to the people who have 3 brain cells. The BAD section is parallel with the GOOD section
RP situations out. This is an RP server at its core 
If you're going to provide negative feedback, make it constructive 
Use your brain and read the rules, you can't possibly complain about "Well this is how other servers do it so I didn't know" 
Being warned/kicked banned means you did something wrong which you should learn from it 
Every time you're brought into a sit that means you did something wrong which you should learn from it 
Calling staff for issues you haven't tried to solve will have you put on the bad boy list (exceptions for this is mass rdm/nlr)
Examples of a BAD Player:
Calling staff because he doesn't know how to change jobs
Calling staff because he doesn't know if his base is allowed
Calling staff because he doesn't know what his job does
Calling staff because someone called them a hurtful word
Calling staff because someone just killed them
Calling staff that explains only part of the issue
Calling staff when the Mayor adds a harsh law
Calling staff when a cop arrests them on either accident or purpose
Calling staff when he needs a door un-owned
Arguing with a player in OOC
Not listening to staff/claiming a rule doesn't exist so they can do it
Reporting players and or staff when they have no evidence/non-conclusive evidence 
Examples of a GOOD Player :
Asking players how to change jobs in chat or in person
Reading the rules to see if his base is allowed/getting other player's opinions
Reading the rules/job description to see what his job does
Voice Chat/Text Chat muting players when they get called a bad word
Examining the situation of why they died and asking the player why they killed him
Calling a staff member with the most detail possible to prevent downtime and confusion
Revolting against the Mayor when a harsh rule is made
PMing the cop who arrested them when they got randomly arrested
PMing the player who owns the door to see if they can own it
Taking a heated argument to local or PM chat
Accepting what staff tells them. If they have an issue with it, they make a post on the Discord explaining why they think they're in the right
Reporting players/staff with video evidence. No other questions should be asked on a good report. It should 100% conclusive by the original post