Cafe Spell & Unusual Trading

Looking to sell off some Unusual or Spelled items? This is the server for you! See more below.


  1. Scamming or Sharking of any kind is NOT ALLOWED.
  2. You may only mic spam if an admin gives you permission.
  3. Staff are required to be middle man for spycrabs over 1 key.
  4. Running away from spycrabs is NOT ALLOWED and will result in an immediate BAN.
  5. NSFW Sprays and Weapon/Cosmetic Decals are allowed, as long as they do not contain illegal content.
  6. Unrecognizable links in chat are NOT ALLOWED. (Steam and links are allowed)
  7. Self Promotion is NOT ALLOWED.
  8. Respect all players and do not start fights!
  9. Exploits, DDOS, Glitches, etc are NOT ALLOWED. Should you discover an exploit or glitch, please contact a server administrator.
  10. Do not post anyone's personal infomation, including yourself.
  11. Toxicity will not be permitted and is NOT ALLOWED.
  12. Do not attempt to bypass rules in any means.
  13. Spamming the chat is NOT ALLOWED.
  14. English Only (in chat and voice chat)
  15. Begging and any random trade offers are NOT ALLOWED.
  16. Non "Free-to-Play" (F2P) players will always take priority over F2P players. F2P players will be kicked if the server is full and a Non-F2P player attempts to connect.
  17. Trade Advertisements take priority.

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