VRChat Fast Food

Welcome to the VRChat Fast Food Community page!
Below you can find out what our group is about, the worlds we've created and a convenient link to our Discord!


What is VRC Fast Food?

The VRChat Fast Food group is a rapidly growing and active community of all kinds of fans of fast food! 
We have various talented VRC world and avatar creators who make really cool and amazing things for the group!

VRC Fast Food Worlds

Here you can find all the worlds created by the community!


Taco Bell

You got that Taco smell? This is the world for you. It's Taco Bell, baby!
("Bong" SFX included!)



Fill up your gas tank and fill up your tummy with classic gas station snacks! Only at 7-Eleven.



Come get your venti frappucino with two pumps of caramel, 3 espresso shots topped with whipped cream.


Pizza Hut

Pizza Time! Come dine on some great pizza with all the toppings you can imagine. You can even bake your own pizza in the kitchen!

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